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Shock and Aww 4 :iconsniffs:Sniffs 0 0
Shock and Aww 3
Shock and aww 3
I think I floated to work.  Dash was sure riding high that morning.  Pinkie confronted me first thing
"I don't HAVE to tell ya, Pink.  I KNOW you read it off the fourth wall AND in my eyes"
"Yeah, PAR-"
I put a hoof over her mouth "save it for the Reception, Pink" she nodded, giving a muffled okey-dokey "and I want to tell everypony myself" I smirked "and if you DID read the fourth wall, you're gonna let some other couple do the same" she actually had a shocked look, and I winked at it myself
"Choccie", she finally let out after i un shushed her "how do YOU do that, i mean, I know how I do it, but..."
"Granny Coyote, remember?"
"Oh yeah"
"Now hush I'm getting into a chocolate zone today"
That's exactly what I did.
At the lunch break, I stopped at the library
"Hey, Chocolate, how's it going?"
"Unbelievable, today, Spike"
"Um, why are you floating?"
I snickered "I hear you do the same thing around Rarity"
"Huh, what are y
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Chocolate Flash by Sniffs Chocolate Flash :iconsniffs:Sniffs 0 0
Shock and Aww 2
Shock and awwww 2
we kept it quiet for a few months.  I'm still not sure EXACTLY how we managed to keep it from Pinkie Pie, but sometimes, I think she pinkie-swore HERSELF into silence.  I did drop a few hunts to Lu that I was seeing SOMEpony. then, to my surprise, so did She.  she was starting to look more and more like Tia.  and I swear whoever HER budding romance was with was enhancing her production of the night sky's appearance.
I'd stopped wearing the straps completely a few months ago, simply folding the stubs like any other pegasus, and, other than some winces from a few ponies, not too many ponies even looked twice.  my confidence in my mateship came out in all round confections.  to my surprise, one day, I got major praises from BonBon, of all ponies. even Rarity would stop in for a batch or two if she was on a dressmaking jag, and needed a break.  I kept on giving minor tweaks to the cakes for some of thei
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Mature content
Shock and Aww Part one :iconsniffs:Sniffs 0 0
A New Colt In Town part 3
a new colt in town 3
the next morning was no piece of cake, i woke up with a sugar hangover...and that's worse than the other one
"urrgh" i stubled out of bed and downstairs moaning like a zombie
i dunno how i got downstairs without falling.  next thing I know, the coffee kicked in.  I found my hooves full of cup, a practically smirking Pinkie and three sets of stunned eyes looking at me, one of those pairs being Applejack's
"mornin everpony...what's wrong"
"oh you poor dear" came from Mrs. Cake
"you shoulda told us, son" came from Mr. cake
"what the hay?" came from applejack "i thought you was an earth pony?"
she was looking pointedly at my back
my back...uhoh...
"i have been for a few years, Applejack*
I sighed, and looked back at the long stubs that were all I had left
"guess I wasn't thinking thismorning," i yawned "I got to talking with someone"
pinkie gave a knowing grin, and Applejack g
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Pony Creator Arty by Sniffs Pony Creator Arty :iconsniffs:Sniffs 8 4 'Cross and arrow' Prince Artemis by Sniffs 'Cross and arrow' Prince Artemis :iconsniffs:Sniffs 2 2
A New Colt in Town, part two
An new Colt in Town 2
i just hung there, gasping for breath.  i had to do something desperate
"Lunestra Marie, let GO!"
I was unceremoniously dropped right on my plot.
lu just stood there, stiff with shock, and actually crying
after I caught my breath though..."Woooooooooooonaaaaaaaaa!"
this time, the hug was hard and MUTUAL, with both of us sobbing unashamedly.   we held each other for several minutes before I gave her a Noogie, little brother or not.
"eep, terry!"
I was grinning ear to ear.  when I stopped, she gave me a look over, finally, and gasped.
"terry, what happened to thy horn, and WINGS, and..."
"shh, lu...things have changed for ME, too.  how long have you been back?"
um" she pawed the ground nervously "not long enough to sound like a normal pony, I guess"
it'll take time to update, took me about 20 years to drop the royal we's"
"twen...How long have thee been here?"
" 'Hast thou been', my sister.  less than a
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A New Colt In Town PART ONE
A New Colt In Town
The bus shuddered to a stop, jarring the book straight out of my hooves,  and into the slop on the floor
Great, all I needed...
just as I was picking up the soggy Richard Burrchman novel, my seatmate nudged me one
"dude, time to go"
I looked up.  Ponyville already.  I mumbled something rude under my breath about the soggy horror novel, and, after the rather plus sized stallion got out of my way, I clambered off.  I was glad I'd packed kinda light, but my wallet was also kinda light 'cause of the bus ticket.
the bus pulled out in a cloud of dust before I could move, the driver/engine having other things to get on with, making me gag...and leaving a fine layer of stuff all over my specs
"aw horseapples!" one mare gave me a rather profound stare at that
"what? these things cost me a couple hundred bits!" I took em off and did a quick blow to get rig of some of the dust, then pulled a rag out of my one sided saddlebag. 
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Starship concours by Sniffs Starship concours :iconsniffs:Sniffs 0 0 Cheezburger, DA edition by Sniffs Cheezburger, DA edition :iconsniffs:Sniffs 0 0 The Perfect Color by Sniffs The Perfect Color :iconsniffs:Sniffs 1 0


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Kcs Badge Sm
this is a small copy of the "development team" badge for one of my starships.
the King Class is a high speed scout for use out on the frontier.  the concept was conceived in the post-war era after a famous ship came home.  i has a similar variable engine position concept, but in a scissor formation.  this image would also be used for the USS Castlerock.
Generation balls basics
so I've been reading a lot of Polandball style comics through Pintrest (no, they're NOT stealing your work, they link straight back TO your work with pins!) and decided to take the idea I originally got from Humon Comics' "Scandanavia and the World" and make 'XBalls' out of the american versions of Generations.  hopefully, I can emulate the "generation gap" they used to talk about all the time.

4 'generations' are represented here, more or less scaled together, in order of age.  the 'silent generation' the Greatest's younger siblings and kids, is not shown (i got the spacing wrong, and just found out about it).  there should be a comic coming in the future. 

yes, that's a thumbnail for a thumbnail preview :P


Kelly Ravenwolf
United States
Current Residence: in the middle of farm the cow pies :P
Favourite genre of music: instrumental
Favourite photographer: n/a
Favourite style of art: realistics/were
Operating System: one that WORKS right :P
MP3 player of choice: I burn a CD instead...
Shell of choice: Conch :P
Wallpaper of choice: Trek themed
Skin of choice: tanned XD
Favourite cartoon character: couple of freinds of mine count?
Personal Quote: you're more annoying than an expensive dog.--a freind on frustration
  • Listening to: sewing machines
  • Watching: Bones
  • Playing: forza Horizon
looking for DLable plan/profile/elevation aircraft lineart to fiddle with offline.  I need to art and update all these while we're trying to put a working scanner together.


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